Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Game 4; Pens vs. Leafs

So I was a bit slow in setting this up, but the Bob needs to be documented this season. In his Game 4 announcing, Errey shook off the off-season rust and brought his A-game.

I know I'll probably forget/butcher a lot of his quotes throughout the season, so feel free to add more and make corrections in the comments.

And now, without further adieu, Game 4:

- "This isn't tiddlywinks, Steiggy!"

- "That was like two ships colliding in the night!"

- "It's like email, Steiggy! Sometimes...you know...sometimes you send it and it doesn't get there how you planned it!"

Number of "power moves" performed by Penguins (according to Steiggy): 1 (somehow, it wasn't even Ryan Malone...)

Also, is it my imagination or has Errey not used any nicknames for Jordan Staal yet this season? He needs to get that first Pterodac-tile in there, Steiggy!

Until tomorrow night...


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Rick said...

If i'm not mistaken this was the game (in toronto) where Colby Armstrong was checked into the boards, right at the Pizza! Pizza! ad and Errey came up with "colby looked like an anchovie on that one, right by the Pizza Pizza ad, Steigy!"