Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Game 51; Pens vs. Thrashers

Wait...did the lineup show that Chris Thorburn was playing right wing on the Pens fourth line? That marks the second time this year Thorburn has been erroneously listed during a Pens game (the other came during a fight earlier in the year for a "tale of the tape")

Steiggy: "He is a boy mayor. He makes Luke Ravenstahl looks like David L. Lawrence!" (worst...analogy...ever...)

"...for the blue shirts...I guess the Rangers are really the blue shirts. This is blue land (??? No idea what the last word he said there was). I don't know what color that is, Steiggy. Do You? You gotta be an interior decorator to know what kind of color that is!"

"I see McCarthy is in the box for the noogies on the back of the noggin of the Finnish Crash." (Side note to the Ruutu ejection:

Just to there anyone in the league whose stick Errey does not believe to be "long"? Toby Enstrom, congrats on joining Jordan Staal, Chara, Letang, and Malone in the Hall of Long Sticks.

"One of those slick Christensen handsy moves..."

Has anyone tried to go six-hole on a goalie yet tonight?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Game 50; Pens vs. Devils

"Therrien's gotta keep shuffling those bingo balls."

Steiggy: "Newark...not the most attractive city in America..."

"A power move to the net and he ties the game at one!" (Oh yes, that was Staal...)

Wow...Errey really, really loves Mike Rupp...

"An absolutely sick goal by Erik Christensen!"

"So much for next goal wins. It might be last goals wins with this one!"

Courtesy of Ryan: "Maybe it's a meatball!"

Errey: "The stat guy here at the building credited the Penguins with three
hits after two periods. I don't know...he must be watching some
tiddlywinks game or something."
Steiggy on Orpik: "...and he ain't playing tiddlywinks!"

"Salmon Arm...a salmon doesn't even have an arm!"

"Oh I'm just having a little giggle, Steiggy..."

A few additions courtesy Mr. Rogan:
"[They're] hovering like bees around a hive." (Hovering?)

Mike Rupp - "the human tripod"

Errey referring to play by Scuderi - "He read that like a cheap novel."

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Game 49; Pens vs. Flyers

So if you hadn't seen this game, who would you think this quote was talking about? Answer later in the post: "His stickwork is almost unparalleled here on the Penguins defense."

"Some beautiful footsie playing by Evgeni Malkin."

"Speaking of statues, I have one next to me in the booth in the form of Keith Primeau, the former Flyer."

"Can you believe that, Keith Primeau?"

"Threw the lure in the there and picked up that big puck and did a little fishing!"

"The attack of the goaltenders here in Philadelphia!"

Answer: Robbie Scuds

"Sweet move though, was it not? A power move to the backhand, spun around to the forehand for Staal!"

Quetions: Will Flyers fans flip out about the Laraque push and fail to realize it was almost the same as the Randy Jones hit on Patrice Bergeron. Oh yeah...Downie was back in the game and Bergeron's season is over and career threatened...but Jones was innocent, it was all Bergeron's fault. This is surely a dirty play by Laraque...

(Alternate question: if Laraque is not suspended, will this be "conclusive proof" that the league is only out to get the Flyers and not other teams?)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Game 48; Pens vs. Caps

Watched this at a bar (side note: some random 50-year old woman told me I was "fun to watch the game with."), so no quotes. It was called the Versus B-Team anyway...

I think I could watch this clip all day long and be thoroughly entertained though...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Game 47; Pens vs. Habs

Prior to this season, I never thought the following quote would be said in a positive manner at any time in the NHL unless another Conklin broke into the league:
"Those are Conklin-like numbers!"

On Colby's injury:
Steiggy: "He could have hip pointer."
Errey: "He could have a butt pointer!"

"If that puck went in, I lost my eyesight."

"We always talk about stickhandling in a phone booth...I think Kovalev and Kostitsyn could stickhandle in the same phone booth at the same time!"

"Kostopoulos had him lined up from here to China!"

And while not said in the broadcast, the following quote from Jeff Taffe is amazing:
"Georges is such a big guy, but he's more of an offensive force than people think," said Taffe. "It's fun playing with him. You get him the puck behind the net and he thinks he's Wayne Gretzky."

And now that Jarkko is finally getting his minutes (a year and a half later...) we're finally seeing the full impact of his annoyingness. And I love every second of it...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Game 46; Pens vs. Johnny Torts

I was at the game, so I got nothing (a quick guide to when I'm at games: if Errey is between the benches, I somehow seem to be at all of these games...).

This one comes courtesy of Nick though:
"A lot of hockey players have fingers that are different sizes than the other ones."

And another courtesy of Trish (which, I should add, was left on my office voicemail):
"Staal ran him over like a roll of sod!" (not sure on the exact wording)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Game 45; Pens vs. Rangers

Doc Emrick with his best Errey impression, reflecting upon the chemistry between Malkin and Crosby:
"You get the feeling that these two could be driving side by side on the Parkway East here in Pittsburgh and know exactly where each other was going without using turn signals."

...and the reply by "Not Edzo" (aka guy with horrible Boston accent):
"Yeah, but they'd be doing it at 90 miles per hour!"

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Game 44; Pens vs. Recchin' Ball

Steiggy: "...with one of those rollover saves..."
Errey: "Is that like an IRA or something? Roll it...roll over. I'm just trying to help you out here Steiggy..."
(this is a candidate for quote of the year...)

Errey: "Let's go back to the spin-a-rella. Are you killing me?" (Two errors in two sentences. I love it.)
Steiggy: "Spin-a-rella?"
Errey: "Aw yeah. Spin-a-rella, Steiggy!"

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Game 43; Pens vs. Bolts

"Steiggy! Those pajamas! They...they were undressed right there!"

"These guys never come off the ice. They've got oxygen tanks on 'em!"

On Errey being traded away from the 92-93 Pens: "That was a sad day in the Errey household, I'll tell you that. They never won another cup after I left...but I'm back!"

So wait...Letang is like...liquid gel?

"You wanna be active in your box"

"And who's got a longer stick than Jordan Staal?"

"He had a big yawning net with the puck caught by a big wide open yawning glove"

"Ty Conklin must be sleeping with horseshoes!"

On Jarkko:"Beauty, eh? He's a hoser!"

On Scotty Bowman: "...and he looks TREMENDOUS." (As Sean points out: "Yes, the short, chubby, bald Scotty Bowman.")

Steiggy: "It tells you what kind of guy Gonchar is."
Errey: "Yeah, a rich one! When is he taking us to dinner?"

"Did you see the way Sid pulled away from Andre Roy? He just did the limbo right past him!"

Special thanks to Nick and Sean for this post for catching a lot of quotes that I missed tonight. I'll tell ya, Steiggy. I'm so desensitized that a lot them skip right by me!

Edit: a few more comments...

Anyone notice how they kept calling Ramo, "Romo?" Man am I sick of the NFL. And I can't even escape it!

Also, why was Errey so upset that Malkin didn't pass it to Crosby on the empty netter? He gained the center line, had a shot, and took it. We always criticize the team for unncessary passes, and that would've been one. I understand Crosby had a point streak and everything, but it really was the smart play...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Game 42; Pens vs. Panthers (reprise)

"Low jack...isn't that something you have in your car so you can find it when it's stolen?"

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Game 41; Pens vs. Panthers

Errey between the benches...I love how he talks about Crosby as if he's not literally one foot to his right...

Steiggy: "Ruutu falls down. He's been all over the ice tonight."
Errey: "hahahahaha. Literally!"

"Vokoun has faced so many shots this season he's losing all his hair!"

Steiggy: "Conklin isn't the prettiest of goalies in the league..."
Errey: "Surely you don't mean physically, Steiggy."

"I never thought about it before Steiggy, but 'soleil' is French for 'sun,' so this is an appropriate city for Salei to be playing for." (I feel as though I must point out that Salei is from Russia. Also...what?)

I take severe issue with Errey and Steiggy questioning the delay of game call against Vokoun. It was a textbook delay of game call regardless of whether or not Ruutu was nearby. Goalies cannot freeze the puck outside of the crease. They'll generally let it go if it's remotely near the crease, but Vokoun was at least 10 feet outside the crease. That's a call that has to be made (I'd say the same thing had the Pens been called).

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Game 40; Pens vs. Leafs

Steiggy: "Gary Robert is out with a broken leg."
Errey: "That's it? That's all that's keeping him out?"

"Look at the blood coming down Tucker's face! I'll tell ya, that was Dancing with the Stars right there!"

I love that Errey demanded and subsequently received a punch total from the Ruutu/Tucker fight. Then Steiggy proclaimed it "one of the best fights ever in a Penguins uniform."

"It's a face only a mother could love, Steiggy!" re: Ruutu post-fight.

"That'll be great for us too, Steiggy. We can double dip! Watch this game, call it. Then go watch the Steelers. That'll be fun for us."

Wait...did Steiggy just invite Errey over to his house tomorrow to watch the World Juniors Canada-US Semi-final game or did I just imagine that happened?

"If Orpik gets a goal tonight we'll know the stars are aligned!"

Game 39; Winter Classic

So being at this game, I didn't get any good commentary action. However, the trip itself provided more than enough. So in lieu of the genius of commentators, let's just roll with what we got from around Buffalo and staying in the same hotel as the Pens...

Michel Therrien, in the hotel elevator, as we're going out for New Years. This comes after Nick asked him if he was going bar hopping: "No...No. There are a lot of good bar in the area."

Lindsay to Gary Roberts upon seeing him on crutches: "I feel sad for you." (Judging by the look on his face, Gary Roberts doesn't understand what the word "sad" means)

Random girl right before midnight, outdoors in Buffalo, upon learning we were Pens fans: "That makes me so mad I just want to shake a baby!"

Best Pens jerseys seen at the game:
#2 Jimmy Paek
#66 God

# of accidents seen on the way back driving through a snowstorm: 14.5

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Game 38; Pens vs. Sabres

I missed a majority of this game and didn't get anything good from what I did see.

I'm losing a step here...