Saturday, January 5, 2008

Game 41; Pens vs. Panthers

Errey between the benches...I love how he talks about Crosby as if he's not literally one foot to his right...

Steiggy: "Ruutu falls down. He's been all over the ice tonight."
Errey: "hahahahaha. Literally!"

"Vokoun has faced so many shots this season he's losing all his hair!"

Steiggy: "Conklin isn't the prettiest of goalies in the league..."
Errey: "Surely you don't mean physically, Steiggy."

"I never thought about it before Steiggy, but 'soleil' is French for 'sun,' so this is an appropriate city for Salei to be playing for." (I feel as though I must point out that Salei is from Russia. Also...what?)

I take severe issue with Errey and Steiggy questioning the delay of game call against Vokoun. It was a textbook delay of game call regardless of whether or not Ruutu was nearby. Goalies cannot freeze the puck outside of the crease. They'll generally let it go if it's remotely near the crease, but Vokoun was at least 10 feet outside the crease. That's a call that has to be made (I'd say the same thing had the Pens been called).

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