Thursday, January 3, 2008

Game 39; Winter Classic

So being at this game, I didn't get any good commentary action. However, the trip itself provided more than enough. So in lieu of the genius of commentators, let's just roll with what we got from around Buffalo and staying in the same hotel as the Pens...

Michel Therrien, in the hotel elevator, as we're going out for New Years. This comes after Nick asked him if he was going bar hopping: "No...No. There are a lot of good bar in the area."

Lindsay to Gary Roberts upon seeing him on crutches: "I feel sad for you." (Judging by the look on his face, Gary Roberts doesn't understand what the word "sad" means)

Random girl right before midnight, outdoors in Buffalo, upon learning we were Pens fans: "That makes me so mad I just want to shake a baby!"

Best Pens jerseys seen at the game:
#2 Jimmy Paek
#66 God

# of accidents seen on the way back driving through a snowstorm: 14.5

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