Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Game 51; Pens vs. Thrashers

Wait...did the lineup show that Chris Thorburn was playing right wing on the Pens fourth line? That marks the second time this year Thorburn has been erroneously listed during a Pens game (the other came during a fight earlier in the year for a "tale of the tape")

Steiggy: "He is a boy mayor. He makes Luke Ravenstahl looks like David L. Lawrence!" (worst...analogy...ever...)

"...for the blue shirts...I guess the Rangers are really the blue shirts. This is blue land (??? No idea what the last word he said there was). I don't know what color that is, Steiggy. Do You? You gotta be an interior decorator to know what kind of color that is!"

"I see McCarthy is in the box for the noogies on the back of the noggin of the Finnish Crash." (Side note to the Ruutu ejection:

Just to there anyone in the league whose stick Errey does not believe to be "long"? Toby Enstrom, congrats on joining Jordan Staal, Chara, Letang, and Malone in the Hall of Long Sticks.

"One of those slick Christensen handsy moves..."

Has anyone tried to go six-hole on a goalie yet tonight?

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