Thursday, January 10, 2008

Game 43; Pens vs. Bolts

"Steiggy! Those pajamas! They...they were undressed right there!"

"These guys never come off the ice. They've got oxygen tanks on 'em!"

On Errey being traded away from the 92-93 Pens: "That was a sad day in the Errey household, I'll tell you that. They never won another cup after I left...but I'm back!"

So wait...Letang is like...liquid gel?

"You wanna be active in your box"

"And who's got a longer stick than Jordan Staal?"

"He had a big yawning net with the puck caught by a big wide open yawning glove"

"Ty Conklin must be sleeping with horseshoes!"

On Jarkko:"Beauty, eh? He's a hoser!"

On Scotty Bowman: "...and he looks TREMENDOUS." (As Sean points out: "Yes, the short, chubby, bald Scotty Bowman.")

Steiggy: "It tells you what kind of guy Gonchar is."
Errey: "Yeah, a rich one! When is he taking us to dinner?"

"Did you see the way Sid pulled away from Andre Roy? He just did the limbo right past him!"

Special thanks to Nick and Sean for this post for catching a lot of quotes that I missed tonight. I'll tell ya, Steiggy. I'm so desensitized that a lot them skip right by me!

Edit: a few more comments...

Anyone notice how they kept calling Ramo, "Romo?" Man am I sick of the NFL. And I can't even escape it!

Also, why was Errey so upset that Malkin didn't pass it to Crosby on the empty netter? He gained the center line, had a shot, and took it. We always criticize the team for unncessary passes, and that would've been one. I understand Crosby had a point streak and everything, but it really was the smart play...


Nick said...

Let us not forget three towards the end of the game:

Staggy - "I read his lips... he said back door"
Errey - "... oops" (separated, of course, by five seconds of silence and a lost puck, but said in sequence nonetheless)

"Remember when Hiden put on those tights"

"And he's watchin that boomerang go right by him" (referring to a broken stick)

AESoP said...

I would think that Nick - a history teacher - would know that "Hiden", he of the 5 speed skating gold medals at the Lake Placid Olympiad in '80, was spelled Heiden...Eric Heiden. How can we trust our educational system with such rampant disregard for American heroes in obscure winter sporting events?