Sunday, January 13, 2008

Game 44; Pens vs. Recchin' Ball

Steiggy: "...with one of those rollover saves..."
Errey: "Is that like an IRA or something? Roll it...roll over. I'm just trying to help you out here Steiggy..."
(this is a candidate for quote of the year...)

Errey: "Let's go back to the spin-a-rella. Are you killing me?" (Two errors in two sentences. I love it.)
Steiggy: "Spin-a-rella?"
Errey: "Aw yeah. Spin-a-rella, Steiggy!"

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Patrick said...

Hey CvTB, I just recently found out about your blog.
I'm glad someone out there is keeping track of his Erreyness.

This is my favorite of all time.
"spin-a-rella. Are you killing me?"
My wife and I quote it all the time and I use it as my quote on a lot of message boards.

There was a great one a few games later where Bob said the Pens had to "hold their breast" at the end of the game. Another favorite.

I'll be reading!