Thursday, January 24, 2008

Game 49; Pens vs. Flyers

So if you hadn't seen this game, who would you think this quote was talking about? Answer later in the post: "His stickwork is almost unparalleled here on the Penguins defense."

"Some beautiful footsie playing by Evgeni Malkin."

"Speaking of statues, I have one next to me in the booth in the form of Keith Primeau, the former Flyer."

"Can you believe that, Keith Primeau?"

"Threw the lure in the there and picked up that big puck and did a little fishing!"

"The attack of the goaltenders here in Philadelphia!"

Answer: Robbie Scuds

"Sweet move though, was it not? A power move to the backhand, spun around to the forehand for Staal!"

Quetions: Will Flyers fans flip out about the Laraque push and fail to realize it was almost the same as the Randy Jones hit on Patrice Bergeron. Oh yeah...Downie was back in the game and Bergeron's season is over and career threatened...but Jones was innocent, it was all Bergeron's fault. This is surely a dirty play by Laraque...

(Alternate question: if Laraque is not suspended, will this be "conclusive proof" that the league is only out to get the Flyers and not other teams?)

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