Sunday, January 20, 2008

Game 47; Pens vs. Habs

Prior to this season, I never thought the following quote would be said in a positive manner at any time in the NHL unless another Conklin broke into the league:
"Those are Conklin-like numbers!"

On Colby's injury:
Steiggy: "He could have hip pointer."
Errey: "He could have a butt pointer!"

"If that puck went in, I lost my eyesight."

"We always talk about stickhandling in a phone booth...I think Kovalev and Kostitsyn could stickhandle in the same phone booth at the same time!"

"Kostopoulos had him lined up from here to China!"

And while not said in the broadcast, the following quote from Jeff Taffe is amazing:
"Georges is such a big guy, but he's more of an offensive force than people think," said Taffe. "It's fun playing with him. You get him the puck behind the net and he thinks he's Wayne Gretzky."

And now that Jarkko is finally getting his minutes (a year and a half later...) we're finally seeing the full impact of his annoyingness. And I love every second of it...

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