Saturday, February 2, 2008

Game 52; Pens vs. Hurricanes

Steiggy (on Barasso): "Tommy wasn't very cordial when we tried talking to him today..." (really though, what was he expecting from Barasshole?)
Errey: "Hey, Ty Conklin took his #35. Maybe he's upset about that!"

"We've been waiting a couple years for this one!" (Errey on the Cole/Orpik fight)

On Ray Whitney: "He's a shifty little guy like a waterbug."

"Oh Steiggy, you can't be dipsy-doodling around your own net like Malkin did there!"

"The corner man, Chris Stewart, is working on Max Talbot. You don't want to ruin his modeling career, Steiggy."

Wait...did Errey just say that Kristi Yamaguchi started "firing pucks" around at a San Jose Sharks practice once?

"There's Sidney and Mario. One's drinking water and one's drinking wine. Let's guess which one is which!"

Woah...they just showed a shot between periods of the concession area and there was a guy wearing a...Konstantin Koltsov jersey?!?!?!?!? Someone actually purchased one of those?

"It's like he had a big red snapper there, Steiggy!" (This needs further explanation...Talbot's stick was stuck in the skates of Mike Commodore, who is known for his big, red hair. I'm not sure whether this makes Errey's joke better or worse...)

...and the follow up: "Talbot with the harpoon in the penalty box"

Ray Whitney? Steiggy now agrees he is "a waterbug."

On Laraque: "But he's svelte this year!"

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