Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Game 57; Pens vs. Bruins

Once again, Errey between the glass = Keith at the game.

Things learned at the game:

Times it is appropriate to "SHOOT THE GODDAMN PUCK YA FUCKIN' JAG OFF!":
1) When stopping a clearing attempt on your backhand at the point.
2) With two defenders charging you in your shooting lane while at the point.
3) Anytime you happen to touch the puck and your last name is "Gonchar."

"Dan Onorato...cocksucker..."

Errey quote courtesy of a Marcus phone call: "Did he just say 'how is a 269 lbs. man just going to slip it in the back door like that?'"

Top jerseys seen at the game:
#48 Tyler Kennedy (really? I like TK too...but enough to purchase a jersey?)
#26 Ronald Petrovicky
#43 Tomas Surovy

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