Sunday, February 17, 2008

Game 59; Pens vs. Sabres

Good acting from Kaleta...throwing his head back hard as Laraque pushed him in the chest...

"The pickle stabber to the paraphernalia of Miller. That heat seeking missle, that stick of Malkin [...] Watch Malkin come in with the stick right there. Doink!"

On how Paille's name could be pronounced "pie":
"Oh yeah, what was Paille's goals against? 3.14?"

"Steiggy, I'm not just a pretty face up here."

"Jarkko Ruutu, Chi-Chi Rodriguez!"

Fucking Kaleta... I've never heard of him before today and he's already one of my least favorite players in the league...

"They come in bunches, like bananas!"

"Did he drill it in with the pickle stabber, Steiggy?"

"You could say they're running with the Devils." (Didn't peg Errey for a Van Halen fan...)

"Some people say my ties are pretty goofy."

"Colllllllllllllby! [...] He's not just an outdoor player, Steiggy. He can do it indoors as well. Ooooohhhhhhh you gotta love it..."

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