Sunday, February 24, 2008

Game 63; Pens vs. Sharks

"Laraque's looking for a dance, but not the kind of dance that we like, Steiggy. He's looking to drop the gloves."

"You can't just, uh, beat the horse all the time, Steiggy. Sometimes you gotta give it a little bit of loving. Give it some good food. Some good oats and grain, and that's what Therrien was doing!"

Errey: "You know Vlasic's nickname is 'Pickles'..."
Steiggy: "I like the Vlasic pickles, do you?"
Errey: I'm not into the dill, I'm into the sweet ones."
Steiggy: "You like the pickle stabbing, I know that!"
Errey: "Can you imagine if Vlasic actually pickle stabbed one into the net today? That would be huge!"

Steiggy channeling John Madden: "No wonder they don't have any shots in overtime. They haven't taken any!"

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Anonymous said...

I must admit, as an avid Pens fan, I partially watch the games because of errey. he is hysterical, and my friend sent me this blog, it's like a godsend. THANK YOU SO MUCH!