Thursday, February 14, 2008

Game 58; Pens vs. Canes/Stripes

TK is back! And it's the return of "the Next Ronnie Francis" from the healthy scratch list...

On Nathan Smith and Convoy: "I think they may get a little dancing before we're done."

" wasn't a Milli Vanilli thing?"

"An icing as Gonchar nonchalants his way..." (Editor's note: nonchalants? I know nonchalance is a word...but nonchalants? As in a verb?)

"A lot of resistance there with Kadar...pulling a plow-horse around the ice. Are you kidding me?!?!?"

"The Staal's...They'd like to use him on the sod farm the way he's working!"

Amazing...FSN put up a "tale of the tape" for the Laraque fight and for once Chris Thorburn wasn't listed...

Dear lord...did Brooks Orpik just score? The apocalypse is upon us...

"Malkin grabbed the puck! Malkin got the puck out of the net! That's been eh that's how long it's been for Orpik! Shovels it to the net! We........ Last night we showed Orpik's goal from 2005. We opened the can of worms...Steiggy. We brought something back to life...from the dead! And that was Brooks Orpik...and he probably cannot believe it [...] I almost had a heart attack there!" (Words cannot describe how excited Errey was for this)

"Brooks Orpik, putting the dagger into Cam Ward." (Italics do not do justice the voice he just used...)

"The guys in the truck are giggling right now!"

"I do my pre-med classes sometimes. I try to figure it all out."

"He got discombobulated there, Steiggy!"

"He did some pretty good fishing in front of that net. [...] And put it in the ocean."

"Look at him fish with that looooong fishing rod!"

"A lot of irony in this hockey game." (Editor's note: no there isn't. Someone please grab Bob a dictionary.)

Errey: "This is like a pit-stop here!"
Steiggy: "They love their pit-stops down here in Carolina..."
Errey: "hahaha yeah. Hey Tom Barrasso! He was into some racing. But it didn't work out..."

Steiggy: "We knew we were in the South."
Errey (in his best Southern accent): "Yep..."

"All these...all these food sponsors they're...they're going to help me out when I'm between the benches."

Uh oh...the next Ronnie Franchise has gone down...

"Time is certainly ticking down on the Penguins. You're cooking your got your three minute timer out, Steiggy. You can just start it now."

Terrible officiating tonight...

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