Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Game 60; Pens vs. Panthers

Yeah...I got nothing for this game. A combination of seeing most of the first period at a bar/restaurant due to a mediocre waitress, then watching the game with a group of people so I couldn't pay close attention, and it also seemed as if Errey was subdued after being on fire for the last couple of game.

I do have one question though: could somebody please explain to me precisely where this "six-hole" is?

Everyone knows the five hole is between the legs of the goalie. Holes one through four are generally comprised of the upper and lower quarters of the net. Unless Errey is subdividing the left and the right sides into three holes a piece, I have no clue where this six-hole is that apparently everyone shot for tonight. Anyone?

Also, I'll use an exact cut and paste from a Panthers game earlier this year because it fits once again (just replace Ruutu with whatever Penguin player was nearby this time):
I take severe issue with Errey and Steiggy questioning the delay of game call against Vokoun. It was a textbook delay of game call regardless of whether or not Ruutu was nearby. Goalies cannot freeze the puck outside of the crease. They'll generally let it go if it's remotely near the crease, but Vokoun was at least 10 feet outside the crease. That's a call that has to be made (I'd say the same thing had the Pens been called).

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Anonymous said...

when referring to the 6 hole it means the space between a goalies torso, and arm, sort of below the arm pit. make sense?