Sunday, February 10, 2008

Game 56; Pens vs. Flyers

"I think this is the one gorilla on the Penguins' back, having to beat this Flyers hockey team."

On the Ruutu fight: "That was pretty even-Steven on that one."

"hahahahaha..." (yes, this was random laughter as Steiggy was talking. I have absolutely no idea what he was laughing at...)

"Who is the Malkin in the middle there?"

"He loves that Fiji water! .....he doesn't just drink any water!"

On Conklin getting his stick stuck in the zamboni door: "He put the credit card right in the slot!"

"...and Malkin is holding the goodie bag!

Steiggy: "Malkin is going to be the McDonald's player of the century if he keeps playing like this!"


Anonymous said...

'boy, you had to hold your breast... in the final seconds of that game...'

feb 10th vs. flyers.

Eric P. said...