Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Game 64; Pens vs. Isles

Hmmmm...starting the game two men down? Let's get Errey and the Ol' Two-Niner in there!

"The old backward shuffle. He looked like Michael Jackson there!"

"I've got a couple pinkie fingers and you can look at them right now, Steiggy..."

Steiggy: "And once again it's the anticipation of Conklin."
Errey: "Yeah, well, it's gonna be constipation for the New York Islanders if they can't get one behind him!"

"How about the newcomer Davison coming across and laying that big butt check on Connor James?"

"Don't you have to be tall to have a high ankle sprain?"

"That's the magic of Potash!"

Question to ponder for Thursday: Exactly how long will Errey think 6'7" Hal Gill's stick is? Bonus question: how many times will the length of said stick be mentioned?

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