Friday, October 19, 2007

Game 6; Pens vs. Hurricanes

First things anyone else extraordinarily creeped out by the baby on the side of Sabourin's mask? As Ryan and Nick both said, it looks like something out of Saw.

Errey was on a role tonight:

-(Malone wearing a mic for the game is shown asking Commodore if he wants to fight)
Errey: "Awww that's good stuff, Steiggy! He wasn't inviting him to go shopping. He was inviting him to a dance of a particular type!"

-"So elementary, my dear, it's beyond belief!"

-(Crosby gets tripped up as he tries to hurdle Cam Ward)
Errey: "If that was a steeple chase, he'd be out of luck right now."

-"Recchi thought he tickled the twine between the pillows of Cam Ward."

Okay...time to go have nightmares about that creepy baby on Sabourin's mask...

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