Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Game 27; Pens vs. Oilers

"Are you calling Laraque a wimp?"

"All Semenko had to do was look at you. He stared me down one time and just said, 'kid, I'm going to kill you.' That was it. He didn't need to take a penalty to get his point across."

Steiggy: "It's like he's (Roloson) got some...sticky stuff on that logo. He keeps holding on to them."

"How you gonna get through his legs and butt?"

Steiggy: "Then it was like an avalanche..."
Errey: "...or an oil gusher...or a hole in the Trans-Atlantic Pipeline!"

Edit: I failed to previously point out that Downtown Robbie Brown (aka Michel Oullet 1989) was in the booth for approximately eight minutes of game time. Highlights:

-having it pointed out that Molinari once described his skating as being like him "wearing galoshes and running on the beach in the sand." This is entirely too accurate...

-Errey goading him into doing his goal scoring celebratory fist pump. This led to MO89 cracking his elbow hard off the wall behind them.

We should place bets on which former Penguin player from the days of Errey shows up in the booth next. (I will also accept appearance by text message, as Dave Hannan provided earlier this season)

New addition to the drinking game: take a drink anytime Laraque is "in his office behind the net." Two drinks if he's "in Gretzky's Offce."

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