Thursday, December 6, 2007

Game 28; Pens vs. Flames

Kris Letang is "handsy." (Note to self: start counting use of the phrase "Murphy dump.")

"When they're butt to chest, Crosby has the advantage."

Little known fact: Owen Nolan is still in the NHL.

Ryan Malone? He's "handsy" too.

We now know that Gary Roberts' Office is in the opponent's crease. Last night (and many, many previous nights) we learned that Laraque's Office is behind the opposing team's net. New goal for the season: determine where the offices of every Penguins player happens to be.

In case you were wondering: Kris Letang? Still handsy. I hear he also has a long stick.

# of Murphy dumps: 2 (possibly more)

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