Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Game 11; Pens vs. Wild

My plans get foiled yet again. Edzo was going to be the guest blog subject tonight (aka just documenting his bitterness over being fired), but Edzo wasn't one of the announcers. Bummer. We'll just have to settle for Doc Emrick tonight...

Sadly, Emrick did not announce either goalie making a save off their paraphernalia. He's usually good for 3-4 of those per game. Oh well, we'll just have to settle for the following statistic for tonight's game:

Estimated number of times Emrick got super excited and you thought something insane was happening even though it was a routine play: 3,243,541

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Game 10; Pens vs. Habs

Sorry, kids. Saw most of this game at a bar with no sound. Nothing to report from me. If I missed anything good, add it via the comments.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Game 9; Pens vs. Leafs

I really hope someone other than me saw the segment on Inside the NHL tonight that involved Gary Roberts and Mark Recchi grocery shopping at Whole Foods. If was phenomenal. And they ran into Daryl Sydor, who Recchi for some reason gave money to pay for his groceries. Needless to say, this segment was hilarious...

And now onto the game:

Steiggy: "...and Simon Gamache chases him into the corner. He said he wants to be called 'Simon' now and not 'Simone'."
Errey: "hahaha...is that what Simon says?"

Yipes...the entire "Hockey 101 with Bob Errey" segment between periods could be included in here. Tonight's feature was "terminology." Let's just say that he defined "back door" and "pickle stabber" as two of the many terms. After nearly every term, he said, "what are they talking aboot when they say '(insert word he's about to define here)'?"

Errey could not pronounce Tlusty's name to save his life. After his first goal, he pronounced it about five different ways until he gave up and remarked, "If you score enough in this league, we'll all figure out how to pronounce it!"

"Toskala tries to look over Hal Gill's shoulder, like that's going to happen..."

Ryan Malone finally had his first "power move" of the season. Congrats, Ryan! We are still without a Jordan Staal nickname though as far as I can tell...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Game 7; Pens vs. Caps

Really not much to report tonight...

(Chris Clark barely misses a swipe at the puck that would have tied the game):
"If he was Clark Kent he would have found a way!"

Friday, October 19, 2007

Game 6; Pens vs. Hurricanes

First things first...is anyone else extraordinarily creeped out by the baby on the side of Sabourin's mask? As Ryan and Nick both said, it looks like something out of Saw.

Errey was on a role tonight:

-(Malone wearing a mic for the game is shown asking Commodore if he wants to fight)
Errey: "Awww that's good stuff, Steiggy! He wasn't inviting him to go shopping. He was inviting him to a dance of a particular type!"

-"So elementary, my dear, it's beyond belief!"

-(Crosby gets tripped up as he tries to hurdle Cam Ward)
Errey: "If that was a steeple chase, he'd be out of luck right now."

-"Recchi thought he tickled the twine between the pillows of Cam Ward."

Okay...time to go have nightmares about that creepy baby on Sabourin's mask...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Game 5; Pens vs. Devils

Sadly, not much to report from Errey tonight. I think he was too distracted getting text messages from Dave Hannan (which he apparently was re: number of current refs who are former NHL players. Hannan says the number is three).

One golden nugget though. Re: Malkin's goal vs. Brodeur last year (you know the one):

"There were a lot of jock straps left on the ice that night!"

Game 4 Addition

I don't know how this slipped my mind, but it did.

Steiggy was talking about the Cancer Awareness thing that all the teams were doing. Then, as play was going on mind you, came out with the best transition this side of Tony Danza:

"Speaking of cancer, Jason Blake..."

Wow. No more needs to be said on that one...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Game 4; Pens vs. Leafs

So I was a bit slow in setting this up, but the Bob needs to be documented this season. In his Game 4 announcing, Errey shook off the off-season rust and brought his A-game.

I know I'll probably forget/butcher a lot of his quotes throughout the season, so feel free to add more and make corrections in the comments.

And now, without further adieu, Game 4:

- "This isn't tiddlywinks, Steiggy!"

- "That was like two ships colliding in the night!"

- "It's like email, Steiggy! Sometimes...you know...sometimes you send it and it doesn't get there how you planned it!"

Number of "power moves" performed by Penguins (according to Steiggy): 1 (somehow, it wasn't even Ryan Malone...)

Also, is it my imagination or has Errey not used any nicknames for Jordan Staal yet this season? He needs to get that first Pterodac-tile in there, Steiggy!

Until tomorrow night...