Sunday, November 23, 2008

Game 20; Pens vs. Canucks

"Steiggy, it's great being down here! You know I love this stuff!"

"And you really miss Matt Cooke, because he gets them the ugly way. You dump it in, you work it out. They're going to find some other plumbers to get it done."

On Boucher saving all press clippings written about him during his career:
"Doesn't everyone do that? Haven't you seen my bathroom wallpaper, Steiggy?"

On Letang without his helmet:
"He's like Randy Carlyle back there!"

"He's staring down everything he sees in white. He's even staring me down! I gotta change my shirt!"

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cookeing with satan said...

Errey will be at the Funny Bone in Peterborough all week. Try the Fiji water.