Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Game 21; Pens vs, Isles

"We saw Scuderi last year have his finger explode..."

"It hit Sabourin right in the mask. He's got a frog on the side of it and it jumped right off of it!"

"Pat Sajak's in the house here in Long Island tonight!"

"2-0, N-Y-I." I thought Sabourin's new mask would mark the end of the Creepy Baby Mask era...but holy hell...did anyone else see the back of his new mask?!?!?!? That might be creepier than the old one...

Steiggy: "He got the wind knocked out of him."
Errey: "You mean the stuffing? Oh no, that's tomorrow..."

"Exactly what the Islanders weren't looking for...unless they were looking to go shorthanded because maybe they have a better chance of scoring that way..."

Steiggy: "Evgeni Malkin is the McDonald's player of the game."
Errey: "Is that M for McDonald's or Malkin?"


cookeing with satan said...

Bob Errey, the next host of Wheel of Fortune. Could it be? But I'm sure he'd much rather work with Paul Steigerwald than Vanna White.

Joe Beninati Loves Anacot Steel (AKA Alexander the Great) said...


Aubrey said...

i'm in love with this blog. Bob Errey is hilarious.