Thursday, January 8, 2009

Game 42; Pens vs. Preds

"Who knows what goalies think about? I try not to think about what they think about, Steiggy."

Errey: "They're a different breed, goalies. Except, if you're listening Wendell Young, you were pretty normal."
Steiggy: "Really?!?!?!?"

"It went off Jason Arnott, did it not?" (much funnier with the name being pronounced "Are-Not" all night)

"You were drinking your saki there, weren't you?"

Third period at Hough's, so I got nothing else...


Anonymous said...

What about Errey in the first period saying (in reference to a big hit)

"He ran over a Ranger on the road!"

~Zelie Nic

Anonymous said...

You missed my favorite Errey moment from this game:

Errey said: "That guy really knows how to dangle the biscuit"

captain badger said...

The whole bit with the Japanese hotel was pretty spectacular. I wasn't sure if they actually had the name right or if Errey was just trying to spit out the most Japanese-sounding thing he could.