Friday, January 16, 2009

Game 46: Pens vs. Coach Bombay

Errey: "You know he was pitchforking that hay in Regina, Saskatchewan!"
Steiggy: "Yeah...and Jordan Staal was lifting those...big...slabs of sod in Thunder Bay..."

Errey: "We need Hot Lips Houlihan!"
Steiggy: "We were gonna try to play the theme from MASH tonight, but you're not allowed to do that."
(camera shows Chris Stewart)
Errey: "Who's that?"
Steiggy: "That's Chris Stewart."
Errey: "Well I know, but in the MASH theme of things..."
Steiggy: "I guess Kadar is Radar."
Errey: "Who's Alan Alda?"
Steiggy: "Dan Potash sounds like Alan Alda sometimes when I hear him on the radio..."

"This is just what the doctor pun intended there..."

"His wife can glide! Kristi Yamaguchi, are you kidding me?!?!?!?"

"You know Ducks can't fly in this weather! They should be down south!"

On some dude's hat:
Errey: "You're not going to find that in the OC!" (editor's note: don't call it that...)
Potash: "You know what though, you wear that in LA and you start a trend. It may be 90 degrees, but if Paris Hilton wears that, everyone will wear it."
Errey: "The question is, how is Paris going to wear it?"

On Cooke barely missing a hat trick:
"We would've had that hat we were looking at!!! It would've been on the ice!"

"You've got golfers on your mind with Bobby Jones. You've got Mickelson out here, of course you've got golfers!"

Errey: "Oh man...It's beautiful...and that (Parros' mustache) is beautiful!"
Steiggy: "You ever been to Scenery Hill?"
Errey: "I don't know, but I had a 'stache like that once. Well it was kinda a rip off of that. THAT is a mustache!"
Steiggy: "You can see it from Scenery Hill!"
Errey: "Actually...I got lost there once. Got off the wrong exit trying to find an...indoor soccer facility."

Errey: "It's like that old hockey pic everyone's got in their rec room! The wide stance!
Steiggy: "Atually, he looks like Darkwing Duck* to me. A guy...the mascot for the Ducks who comes out of the ceiling. Is that his name?"
Errey: "I have noooooo idea."

*Actual name of Ducks mascot: Wild Wing. Whether or not he kidnaps small children during games is unknown.


Bryce said...

"editor's note: don't call it that..."

Nicely done.

Jamie Fritz said...

They were on a roll tonight.

Michael said...

I was rolling on the floored when Errey made that comment about Kristina Yamaguchi

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