Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Game 48; Pens vs. Whalers

"Evgeni Malkin stayed with this puck like nobody's business!"

"Boy...you talk about thick guys!"

"He looked like Arturs Irbe with that pillow! That mattress inside!"

Note to crowd: why were you booing the home team at the end of a 2-1 game when Cam Ward played lights out in the third period to prevent a tying goal?


bfyalkowski22 said...

"you can't just kick one staal out of the face off circle, you gotta kick em both out!"

"the fans want some kind of call here, you can't whistle a guy if he's got the puck stuck up his pants!"

Jamie Fritz said...

"He deked Ward out of his jock!"

Agree on the booing. Ward was superhuman last night. The Pens played a good game.

Anonymous said...

Because they are the so-called "fans" that jumped on the band wagon last year during the playoffs and have no clue what is going on (other than the fact they can get a free t-shirt shot out of gun during a break in the action). Wait a second, they are also the people that don't know what a break in the action is.

Anonymous said...

I laughed at the Hal gill discus comment. I can't believe he saw that the first time.

Anonymous said...

No they were booing because we were playing a team that had just lost five of six, had played an emotional, divisional game (Maurice-Toronto) against Toronto the night before, had to travel to Pittsburgh after the game, lost its best d-man (Wallin) and a Penguin-killer (Walker) during the game, and we had forty-two power plays, and still couldn't win. Not to mention it was our biggest game of the year. That loss may have been the most disappointing of the season. Cam Ward or not, the Pens should have won.