Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Game 53; Pens vs. Lightning

"It looks like he stuck his finger in a...socket, didn't he...Jeff Reed?"

"How does [Roethlisberger] dance? He's got the quickest feet for a big guy!"

Steiggy: "...and Jeff Reed, who gets his hair done at Consol Energy..."
Errey: "hahaha...ohhhh...I love it..."

"You mentioned road kill, it's all over the place here on the Mellon Arena ice!"

So to clarify, does Malkin have an indomitable spirit?

"Well, feeling a little shame now, Mr. Roberts. He was drinking the water and it wasn't Fiji!"

Steiggy: "He has that frisky look about him, like a horse that wants to run forever."


bfyalkowski22 said...
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bfyalkowski22 said...

during the 2nd intermission, errey referenced the "give-a-crap meter"

bfyalkowski22 said...

"the glass is still shivering!" after malkins hit late in the 3rd.