Friday, February 27, 2009

Game 63; Pens vs. Hawks

Steiggy: "I haven't seen Jordan Staal make this many plays in five weeks!"
Errey: "Now they're going to have to find someone else to play with Crosby!"

"These guys are finding each other like bread and butter out here!"

"All the fans want their hard hats back!" (Side note: the only thing better than a home hat trick on a hat giveaway night is a hat trick that gets taken away by replay review after half the crowd unleashed their free hats)


cookeing with satan said...

Did you happen to catch the "technical difficulties" at the beginning of tonight's broadcast? Apparently, they were having some video problems so all you could hear was the same 20 second loop of Steigy chatter repeating for about two minutes. It was akin to being relegated to the ninth circle of Hell.

Jamie Fritz said...

cookeing, that was horrible. And the picture kept getting blurrier and blurrier. Just bizarre.

Around Satan's goal Errey said "he just likes to get in there and get dirty!"