Thursday, February 19, 2009

Game 59; Pens vs. Habs

"Is that glove not working on Carey Price?"

"Sometimes north-south is like a game of Pong when you're playing the Canadiens. They come right back at ya!"

"Unless you're Evgeni Malkin and have three lungs..."

"I can't play chess, but is that what happens in a chess game when you lose a couple of your big guys it just opens right up?"

Errey: "You know, just like a train. You know, it's had the caboose, and you had this. What are all the parts of a train, Steiggy? Help me out!"
Steiggy: "You have the engine, the dining car..."
Errey: "Dining car....hahahahaha. That's where you'd be!"

"This game went from a chess match to 52 card pickup!"

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George said...

Errey: "Aqualung!"