Thursday, November 1, 2007

Game 12: Pens vs. Nordiques

"Speaking of Sauer, there are a lot of sour fans here right now."

I feel as though it should be noted that a discussion of Sabourin's (creepy baby) mask led to a discussion of whether or not penguins (the bird, not the team) like fish.

Steiggy: "We asked Sabourin if he played any other sports as a kid and he said he played shortstop for an elite travel baseball team in Quebec..."
Errey: "What would you have done if he had said chess?"
(20 seconds of silence with only awkward chuckles from both of them)
Errey: "Sorry, Steiggy. I didn't mean to put you on the spot there..."
Steiggy: "That's okay, I was thinking the same thing..."
(Editors note: I think my head just exploded...)

2 minutes later (I can't remember who said what here):
"He makes the save standing up like a chess player."
"Chess players stand up, don't they?"
Errey: "...Kasparov!"

After a too many men on the ice call:
Steiggy: "Too many Penguins."
Errey: "You can never have too many Penguins, can you?"

Crosby switches sticks twice in a span of 20 seconds. Another face off is about to take place 10 seconds later:
"I dare him to go get another stick!"

"Sauer was laying an egg on the ice! He wanted a whistle. Malone came out. He was the rooster with the egg!"

Pens "power moves" tonight performed by: Crosby, Malkin (Malone somehow shut out...even when he cut across the crease nearly leveling Theodore)

Jordan Staal's stick was finally compared to a fishing pole. It took long enough, but I'm glad we got that first one in. That's just one step closer to a "Pterodac-tile" or a "Long arm of the law, Steiggy!" slipping in there...

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