Saturday, November 24, 2007

Game 23; Pens vs. Thrashers

"Staal with that long fishing pole!"

"Then Ruutu hits Laraque! He says, 'you can't hit everybody, I'm going to hit you!'"

"Malkin can normally get the puck to do whatever he wants. It's like he has a remote control. Tonight I think he needs to replace the batteries in that remote!" (I think I butchered this one...)

"Gonchar looked like Baryshnikov tap dancing across the blue line!"

On the high school football championships:
Steiggy: "They're just playing for pride, each other, their community, their parents... It's really fun to watch!"
Errey: "They should be playing for money with the amount of taxes I pay!"

"Rock 'em Ruutu... He is kinda like a Rock 'em Sock 'em robot. You bop him in the head, he'll go down. He'll do some bopping himself."

"Sidney Crosby there with a wide base like a water bug..."

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