Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Game 21; Pens vs. Devils

"Malone is where he is..."

"Now he (Clarkson) wants a piece of Roberts! That's stepping it up a notch, isn't it?"

(Side note: what did Malkin do to deserve Christensen and Armstrong as line mates?)

Errey : "I'm gonna eat my fishies. I don't know if they're organic or not. Mr. Roberts may be mad at me. He'll be looking for turkeys tomorrow in Ottawa!"
Steiggy: "Say it don't spray it!"


Steiggy: "A kerfuffle here in the Penguins zone."

"Does Sid ever talk about what a pain in the ass Madden is to play against?"

"You smell good Max. What are you wearing?"

"Your best penalty killer has got to be your goaltender...and the goal post..."

"I say it the way I see it, and that's the way I saw it."

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