Thursday, November 15, 2007

Game 19; Pens vs. Isles

"Laraque is like a big moose out there and he was hunting down the Islanders defense!"

"Gonchar is going to get the goal, but watch Jordan Staal. The big oak tree in front of the net!"

Errey: "What are you up to now, Coff?"
Paul Coffey: "I'm in the car business...and boy have I got a deal for you!"

Fast forward to later...
"Yeah, but don't think I'm gonna buy a car off you or anything."

Side note: Did Errey just say he still owns the same bicycle (a brown Schwinn) since the days Coffey played in Pittsburgh. I am impressed by that longevity

Paul Coffey in the booth talking about Letang reminded me entirely too much of Bill Parcells talking about Terrell Owens. Except instead of only referring to him as "the player," he only referred to him as "the young kid." "The young kid is out there again. The young kid has good vision."

Additional Letang note: apparently he is this year's rookie with a long stick. We all know where this is going...

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AESoP said...

My wife almost fell off the couch laughing at this nugget from Mr. Coffey...

#77: "I'll tell you what, from the waist down Sidney Crosby is the biggest guy in the league."