Saturday, October 18, 2008

Game 6; Pens vs. Leafs

"He fires this hockey club up, Max Talbot. He's sporting some facial hair. He said, 'I'm gonna turn this thing around.' He doesn't like the start he's gotten off to. know...Max likes beards. He likes fu-manchu's, and he can grow a 'stache with the best of the them. He can grow it in a day or two!"

Little known fact: Curtis Joseph is still an NHL goaltender...

"I hope his friends by their own tickets, because that would be a costly season for Mr. Thomas."

"He's so good at swooping. The big pterodactyl is good with the angles."

"We gotta go back to that picture because...I mean, they stuck a bowl on him and cut his hair. Did you see that bowl cut?!?!? That was oneosfsfsfg...I know, I mean, I don't have the greatest hair, Steiggy, but uh, that was...that was a tough looking cut!"

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