Saturday, October 25, 2008

Game 9; Pens vs. Rangers

"Something is going right on that sod farm!"

Errey: "Drury couldn't put it in the ocean right now."
Steiggy: "Gomez will now try to put it in the ocean."

"Steiggy, I'm getting hungry! There's a lot of food being eaten around the National Hockey League tonight with all 30 teams playing!"

"The t-shirts! The nachos! That doesn't even account for all the food we're eating up here!"

On Orpik: "Look at those eyes. Steely..."

"Look at that chinstrap! He looks like a Mountie in Canada!"


Anonymous said...

how could you not mention
The evidence is righ there just like the glove


That was OJ's glove I was talking about

Keith said...

Missed that one, unfortunately.

Watching the game with several people and several beers = lots of misses