Thursday, October 23, 2008

Game 8; Pens vs. Canes

Steiggy: "Students love pizza, we know that, so you couldn't pick a better food to take to them...they don't get enough of that, right Bob?"
Errey: "You can never get enough!"

Errey: "There's Max Talbot sporting some facial hair. He figures that fu-manchu is going to help him out a little bit [...]"
Steiggy: "Maybe he's like Samson, Bob. If you cut his hair..."
Errey: "I think that's what he's thinking!"

"What's so amazing about that, Steiggy? That Mario's coaching? He should be! He knows everything...more...more than the rest of us! Get out there and disperse that...talent. That wealth of knowledge!"

"Well [Orpik]'s tougher than the boards. No doubt about it."

"He's got the pads on his skates, but not on his chest!"

"Boy, the Penguins really put their work boots on!"

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