Monday, October 20, 2008

Game 7; Pens vs. Bruins

It's the return of the creepy baby mask!

"Well it's not going to be Savran on Sports Beat, it's going to be Sabourin on Sports Beat if he keeps playing this way!"

"Chara was standing on the red line touching the puck at the blue line! What reach!"

Errey: "A six-pack is a's your stomach now. So people won't know what you're talking about, Steiggy! So!"
Steiggy: "Back then hockey players drank more beer than they drink now"
Errey: "That's right. That's why they didn't have a six-pack back then...they drank a six-pack!"
Steiggy: "That's true!"
Errey: "...or more!"

"Folks, you can't look through trees like that."

"[Letang]'s got that slick way about him where he's gel. He's like liquid gel. His shoulders can go and his hands can go...but he can still make the plays."

"I've never seen Pascal Dupuis make roadkill out of someone like that!"

"Oh, no! The linesman went down too! Same guy, Steiggy! He got hammered in that! He got sandwiched! Subway sammich!"

"Like a cobra...he just sucks you right into that."

Errey: "Oh boy, so when's he gonna play again?
Steiggy: "See you in a month!"

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