Thursday, December 4, 2008

Game 25; Pens vs. Canes

Steiggy: "The shot clock is difficult to find here. We need a periscope...
Errey: "It's right there, Steiggy."
Steiggy: "Oh yeah, it's right there..."
Errey: "You're trying to look through banners, and everything else and it's two-inches from you here!"
(Insert Errey singing/humming here)

I love Melichar...

Q: Can we go a single game against Carolina without Ray Whitney being called a waterbug?
A: No.

Steiggy: "Ron Francis doesn't need a system. He has a system in his head."

On that note, it's Hough's time...


Jerome McKinney said...

Hey Keith I'd join you down at Hough's but I quit drinking at 13. Zing!

Bauerjmwe said...

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