Monday, December 22, 2008

Game 33; Pens vs. Sabres

These Versus announcers are terrible...

Where are the stories about bears eating baby moose? Come on!


Anonymous said...

What makes the Versus announcers terrible? The fact that they don't wear Penguin colors? They're unbiased, as they should be and do a solid job describing the effort. They're not Mike Lange but that's not their role.

Lange is great. He's smart, informed, colorful and has that ability to talk to the fan as if he's talking one-on-one with him/her.

Paul Steigerwald on the other hand is terrible. He's among the worst play-by-play men in the NHL. I've heard all the TV guys and he is clearly worst.

yankee heatmiser said...

If Errey isn't involved, then it isn't a broadcast worth listening to. The only way I can enjoy a Vs. broadcast is if I've downed a few shots of cough syrup.