Thursday, December 18, 2008

Game 31; Pens vs. Why is there a hockey team in Atlanta?

"The key for the Penguins is to jump on Ottawa. Maybe Ottawa, they're having a tough time... oh, sorry. Atlanta..."

"Tim Wallace was telling us today he was on the golf course watching a bear eat a baby moose and he went right up to it! What are you thinking, Tim?!?!?! He said, 'I don't know it wasn't a very smart idea.' Blood all over the bear... Is this too descriptive for you right now? Sorry. Turn your sound down at home, folks. Sorry about that kids."
(This is an early nominee for story of the year)

Steiggy: "A bear, eating a baby moose, on the golf course..."

"The moose must have gotten hit. He must have shanked one."


yankee heatmiser said...

Penguins telecasts, now TV-MA. Think of the children, Errey. The children!

Anonymous said...

You're probably not old enough to remember the Atlanta Flames, who later moved to Calgary after failing in Atlanta.

~Zelie Nic