Thursday, December 11, 2008

Game 29; Pens vs. Isles

"I had to sign a waiver to sit between the benches. I had to sign on the dotted line!"

"It goes right by that glove again. Somebody's gotta get some fishin' line or something into Joey McDonald's glove!"

"These are tape measure shots, Steiggy…You can get your tape measure out and you, uhh, might run out of metal."

"You can only control what you can control."

Steiggy: "Remember that movie Mystery, Alaska...which I thought was a terrible movie by the way..."

Steiggy: "What was better: Mystery, Alaska or Sudden Death?"
Errey: "Uh...Sudden Death had a sudden death."

"Uh oh! Is there any hats left? If you kept it on the first time, well, shame on you...but...we love to see you puttin' it out there the second time! And I hope they're going to be down... Oh we got bags! We got everything coming down here!"

Steiggy: "...and the fans are chanting 'we want 10'!"
Errey: "It used to be 'we want chili!'"

"Everyone's going to go home without their lids on tonight, Steiggy. And no bags! We saw a lot of bags come on the ice...:"

And some more thanks to Nick since I was on the phone for half the game:

"I'll tell you right now, Matt Cooke is a hockey player."

"I can't wait to see the Alaskan crab up in Atlanta!"

"No… I think the election screwed up interest in Alaska…"

"...and Dupius came in the back door to tickle that twine."

(in reference to Curry falling on his stomach): "Orpik can-opened him!"

"Gotta give some credit to the ice crew… you don't score 8 without good ice!"

"All those hats are gonna be in the Sykora locker room after the game."

"Billy Guerin just can't do enough to get thrown outta this game."

Steiggy: "Billy Guerin is going down the runway."
Errey: "Ha ha... the early shower!"


Jamie Fritz said...

Errey was in rare form last night wasn't he?

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