Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Game 73; Pens vs. Rangers

"The NY Rangers are like sharks. It's a feeding frenzy right now!"

"Hal Gill! A fistful of dollars for Avery!"

"Look at Jagr and Hall Gill. Jagr's trying to be his friend here. 'Please! Let me go!'"

Steiggy: "Ruutu gets the puck, walks all the way down Broadway, and lit up the lights on Broadway to give the Penguins their first goal!"

Steiggy: "He turned him into an ice carving with that first move!"

"There's the Long Arm of the Law right there!" (YESSSSSSSSSS! That's the first of the season I think! Finally!)

"Who plays it? You got it? I got it? No, Dupuis' got it!"

Steiggy: "There's Chris Stewart with the puck. Yeah, he's still got it. I don't know where it is. It might be up on that sod farm!"
Errey: "What did they bury it?"
(awkward laughter from both)
Steiggy: "Hank's got it on a shelf somewhere!"
Errey: "With everyhing...euhuhuh...ohhh can you imagine how much...hardware they have in that family? They don't have enough shelves!"

"Dupuis was just flying on that 4-on-4! He looked like he was on the Nordic Track...like he couldn't be stopped."

Steiggy: "It's kinda quiet in here right now..."
Errey: "The Mayor is in the house. They have to be on their best behavior!"

On Roberts' dad: "He doesn't look as scary as Gary though..."

"He got nothing but smelly gloves...right to the chest."

I really hate Sean Avery...

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