Saturday, March 22, 2008

Game 75; Pens vs. Devils

"Sounds like somebody won a body building championship! Put that one on!" (YES! Your wish is my command! Thanks for the mention Bob! Much love!)

"Pandolfo had the stick between the big giant's legs, and boy... TIMMMMBER! Down went Gill, and into the penalty box went Pandolfo."

"Ruutu just ran over Paul Martin. It looked like roadkill in front of Martin Brodeur!"

"The old solar plexus, eh?"

"They're looking to put another nail in the coffin and maybe...implode Brodeur!"

Wait...did Errey just start singing a Zeppelin song?

"You're not eating any fish out of the Magnitogorsk ponds?"

Ty Conklin: "Apparently Adam Hall's a Hall of Fame announcer already."

"Everybody wants our job, Steiggy!"

"I can't tell you how long you have to bathe your hands in palmolive for that kind of play. I mean, he's got some of the softest hands I've ever seen."

Need the video for that one...

Steiggy: "They're all going up there, Bob. They're going to write a book at the end of the year! I want to know who that guy is who runs the!" (all right, Steiggy/Bob. Shoot me an email through my profile on here. Also figure out how I can get my hands on an old school Errey Pens jersey. You can't find those anywhere!)


Eric P. said...

That shout out was awesome!

Sean Rogan said...

Congrats on making it big time with the blog! Hopefully the great Mr. Errey himself views it for the flattery that it is. Maybe he can get an Errey sweater for you or at least get you a guest spot on Hockey 101. Or the ultimate - getting Errey to skate for us at a Whale game!

mk said...

If Bob Errey comes out to skate for us at a Whale game, I'm coming out of retirement to play. Bethel park adult league will never know because we'll make him wear a fake mustache.

Vanessa Day said...

Get to work on this blog if you and Steigy are going to promote it during the game! I want content!

How about paragraphs actually written by Bob Errey, not just quotes we all heard during the game!

Actually, I love what you and Steigy do, and I think you are hilarious, just bring some of that to this blog and I will be set for my between-game entertainment.

Awesome win tonight over the Devils,and Ruutu is still hot, even with the fat lip... just thought I'd get that out there.

Anonymous said...

duh. this blog is not done by Errey, it's just a collection of hilarious quotes by him.

Vanessa Day said...

Haha... well, I am blonde!

I thought because he and Steigy were promoting it during the game that he actually had a hand in it!

Well done anyway, just add some other stuff!

Anonymous said...

I think Steiggy needs to bring the author of this blog on TV instead of Ty Conklin.

Anonymous said...

you should add the comment about malkin using palm oil to make his hands that soft...I don't remember the exact comment but it was hilarious

Anonymous said...

It was palmolive...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm surprised the Palmolive line isn't on there. That was the best line of the night.

Anonymous said...

does anyone have the game videotaped? we need to have mention of the blog on TV on the blog. someone please upload it to YouTube!

mk said...

Looks like the Post Gazette blogged about Errey mentioning this blog on the air!

M. said...
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M. said...
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Anonymous said...

You should make sure you get the attributions correct. Steigerwald was the one who mentioned your blog both times. Errey did not mention it at all. Also Steigerwald did not say you were going to write a book, he alluded to Errey and himself writing a book, obviously said in jest. Not trying to nitpick, but properly attributing a quote is one of the first things taught in any journalism course.

Joshua said...

First off, great blog. Nice to see it's not "ironic," as there is way too much so-called irony in the world these days.

Second, people need to lay off Errey and Steigy. They do a decent job. I know it sucks not having Mike Lange on the television feed. We all grew up with him and he pretty much IS the Penguins to a lot of people. No one can do the job that he does. It's pointless to hold anyone to such a high standard. Errey does a good job and in my opinion I think he gives a lot of valuable insight into the game as an ex-player. Steigy goofs up a lot on player names and such but if you're paying that much attention to him you're missing out on the game.

Caesar vs. The Bob said...

Fair enough re: quote attribution. I couldn't really tell who said it the first time it got mentioned due to the odd voice used. I based the attribution on the fact that Steiggy could barely get his next call out because he was laughing too much.

Sean Rogan said...

Now people are criticizing your journalism technique, which is even more enjoyable since he had a comma splice in there. See what happens when you get popular!

Jon said...

myself and brother died laughing when they mentioned the blog...very cool!

keep up the great work!

Chelsea H said...

Did anyone happen to hear the one about soft hands??? It was so hilarious and all of my friends missed it.

seth said...

if one of those 2 email you, you have to put it up

Caesar vs. The Bob said...

I missed the soft hands comment. I think I was walking into the room from the kitchen at the tail end of it. I didn't rewind to get it since someone else was watching with me and I'd rather not break up the flow of the game more than I already do.

So as I stated in my first entry: by all means, if I miss anything please post it in the comments.

I apologize for not attending journalism school prior to starting a Bob Errey blog...

Nate said...

seriously, bob errey is one of the best parts of the pens games

Anonymous said...


by the way, if you want to start adding content, you know someone who is knowledgeable about hockey, likes to write, and has a ton of time on his hands!


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Anonymous said...

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Laura Carraher said...

if one of those 2 email you, you have to put it up

Jeremey Steen said...

Congrats on making it big time with the blog! Hopefully the great Mr. Errey himself views it for the flattery that it is. Maybe he can get an Errey sweater for you or at least get you a guest spot on Hockey 101. Or the ultimate - getting Errey to skate for us at a Whale game!

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