Thursday, March 20, 2008

Game 74; Pens vs. Bolts

On Robbie Scuds/explosives: "You talk about take a pin out of a bomb and what does it do? It explodes. You take the pin out of his finger, and he's ready to explode too."

Steiggy: And Dupuis shoots it into the bench...
Errey: It's not in the bench, Steiggy. It's in my hand!
Steiggy: Good catch!
Errey: And I'm going to throw it...over the glass!"

"Ruutu's a tough guy, but he's not a beaver, Steiggy! He's not trying to eat wood there!"

"Fleury did all he could, but he was like a worm in the crease..."

Errey on facing St. Louis in the minors at the end of his career and telling him he was too small: "I was just trying to get under his skin. I was trying to pull a Ruutu, Steiggy!"

"They have 18 shots, but half of them glorious!"

"...and look at him dribble, Steiggy!"


loralei said...

This is the greatest website ever...

Anonymous said...

I agree. They mentioned your blog during The Devils blowout.

Anonymous said...

best... website... in the world.

I might even buy you a DVR, so you never miss a game. Keep it up!

AJR said...

Hilarious! Keep up the good blogging!

Cesar said...

This is great!