Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Game 77; Pens vs. Devils

On the Devils: "I just think they're sometimes too stale. Like this building, Steiggy. They gotta get out of their...out of their suits a little bit. Get...get dirty here!"

"That's an impressive face! We should get Sutter faces. We can put a collage together or something..."

On Connor James: "He's gotta be getting dizzy! He's getting pulled up and down and up and down!"

"Brooks Orpik is feeling the lovin', I think, from his teammates. Specifically Michel Therrien."

Steiggy: "...on Penguins rewind. We should call it Errey Rewind!"
Errey: "C'mon Steggy! I just want to see more...facial expressions of Brent Sutter!"

Steiggy: "They announced 16,292 here tonight."
Errey: "Half of them are cardboard, like you said..."

Way to miss the empty net goal by showing Fleury sitting in his crease, FSN...


Anonymous said...

A good win. I though the Pens would really have a tough time winning this one having played the night previous and NJ looking for redemption having played the Pens and lost badly the very last time they played. Malone's goal was crucial in forcing the Devils to play a different game early on.

I wasn't as impressed with the play as much as the win though. I saw more breakdowns in the 2nd and 3rd periods than most want to admit and MAF really stole us the game. Malkin and Sykora showed little jump and Letang looked lost at times. The PP (other than the 1st one) was dreadful, I'm pretty sure the Devils generated more offense on our PP than we did.

A win is a win though and this was an important one. With 4 points over the Devils now and holding the tie-breaker advantage, we simply need to win 3 out of the last 5 to clinch the Atlantic and a 2nd seed.

seth said...

nothing from when errey describes to us that the puck is dark?

Vanessa Day said...

I didn't watch this game. I was on the losing battle of "FSN Pittsburgh vs. Versus"... Versus won because "it's in HD". I just hate their announcers, I'm a fan of Steigy and Bob, obviously.

I do love the comment by Bob about the cardboard crowd... I just can't believe the Devils would lose magnificently TWICE to the Pens, it's great!

Anonymous said...

You missed the one I expected to see. "You know that puck is dark and the seats are a dark red."

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and they should paint them bright yellow.

Anonymous said...

the cardboard crowd comment should have been followed up with a resounding "baaaaa-zing" from steigy.


Anonymous said...

by the way, you totally missed steigy referencing chilly billy cardille AND the movie sudden death (aka the best movie ever to feature jean claude van damme killing iceburgh) in the same reference.

Brandon said...

Did anyone catch what he said, something about "3 on 3 ________ hockey" it sounded like "shitty" but I was on the phone and then I caught it from another room while the rewind was on, but I missed it.

Anonymous said...

Hey.. you need to get the quotes on here from a Pens Devils game back in like January maybe.. I know we ended up winning and Conklin was playing. I am pretty sure it was the salmon arm game. But they started callin Ty Conklin the Claw and made some rediculous remark about Oduya or whoever he is. I wish i could remember cuz i keep talkin about it. I was laughin my ass off. I was high tho too but they were hilarious that game

Anonymous said...

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