Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Game 81; Pens vs. Flyers

So I missed a large portion of this game. I apologize for that. Post anything I missed in the comments.

"Hey. Be a man. Tap him, and if you want to go, drop your gloves."

"Really, the only thing you can do is say, 'Mr. Hartnell, I hope that penalty cost you the playoffs.'"

"It's almost like a swimmer trying to get water out of his ear. That's what Malkin looked like."

Steiggy: "It's not easy to play against Rob Scuderi and Hal Gill. It's like playing in seaweed!"
Errey: "And then you got Jordan Staal who's all over you as well [...] The big pterodactyl!"

"They're going to be knocking on Lord Stanley's...chalice."

So have the Flyers still not learned that making Crosby angry is a terrible idea? I mean, how many times does it have to bite them in the ass before they realize, "maybe we shouldn't take cheap shots at Crosby because he kills us when he gets mad."


Bob said...

"There's Iceburgh! Do you think he can win a faceoff?"

Vanessa Day said...

How about:

"Gonchar gets on his horse"

I thought this was especially hilarious because of Gonch's notoriously slow giddy-up.

Caesar, I also agree with you about the Flyers not realizing what Sid can do when he gets irritated. That goal was something beautiful, for sure!

Anonymous said...

it's funny watching the flyers continually get jobbed by their own stupidity though. bob clarke has a stranglehold on that team and until they figure out that this is no longer the stone age of the nhl, they won't win a cup. everyone saw tonight that the pens have it all. if the rest of the league wasn't scared of the pens before this, they should be now.

that being said, read the TSN comments about this game. the thing that i wonder is when are people going to figure out that crosby is as tough as any player in this league and doesn't whine one bit? the flyers take cheap shots all night long, get called, the pens make them pay dearly by going 4 for 6 on the PP, never once cry about a thing, and what does everyone say the next day? "crosby's a crybaby and the refs decided that game." scott hartnell decided that game by being a freaking moron. the refs had no choice. they can't just let things get completely out of hand (which they might sunday afternoon if philly needs that to get in the playoffs).

can you imagine what a first round series between the flyers and pens would be like with the potential for 6 to 9 straight meetings between the teams? someone would die...hopefully hartnell.


Anonymous said...

Oh, did you watch the shirts off your back? Bob said the little kid who got Ruutu's jersey looked like him. That was really funny.

Vanessa Day said...

I wish I got the RUUTU Jersey :(

(Sorry guys, I know I must be the only girl on here, but please just put up with my ridiculous Ruutu crush).

♥ -

Vanessa Day said...

Another good one was when Dan Potash called the Pens the "Eastern Conference Champion Pittsburgh Pirates".

I laughed.

Sorry, a bit off topic being a Dan Potash quote.

Anonymous said...

just for the record, carolina fans and players should be disgusted with that game against florida. beating a lackluster, non-playoff team at home (where they hadn't won in like 6 years) was all it took to clinch the division. instead, they have mental breakdowns all over the ice, giving up shorthanded and breakaway goals. they get mediocre goaltending giving up 4 goals on like 20 shots. awful, awful effort. i hope washington wins tonight simply because carolina doesn't deserve to make the playoffs after that.


Anonymous said...

Talking about Bob Clarke praising the Penguins:

"I've heard that fish before. That buttery nut. Trying to butter you up."

Vanessa Day said...

I agree with you. I hope Washington wins so that Ovechkin can crush Philly in the first round. That will be awesome. What do you guys think about the Pens playing the Sens in the first round?


Anonymous said...

yo, falling down on the job dude ha.

i hope the habs, pens, and caps all advance, just so we can crush the caps in the second round. i have no doubt that the pens would roll over the capitals. ted leonsis might as well just sell to lemieux and burkle because the pens own that team anyway.

as for the sens...i'm not overly thrilled, but i'm optimistic. i think anytime you have heatley and redden and spezza on the ice, you can have the potential for trouble. the sens have done this before too...they were so dominant last year in the eastern playoffs and so confident against the pens this season that they worry me, regardless of who they have out.

all that being said, the pens should be (as e.j. hradek called it on nhl live today) "prohibitive favorites" in this. they are clearly the better hockey team at this point. ottawa's record without alfredsson is terrible and fisher is a huge cog in their machine. the pens have a clear cut advantage in goal and the experience factor no longer works in favor of ottawa. the pens shouldn't go more than 6 games to beat ottawa. i'd love nothing more than to sweep these idiots. my big concern isn't necessarily losing, but losing a key player because of the way ottawa plays (especially if they can't play a skill game without alfie and decide to drag things down a level).

also, does anyone else think it's funny that last year the pens were being called out by national observers in the us and canada for their lack of experience, but those same guys have no qualms about the capitals or the canadiens with carey price this year? i don't see a more complete team in the east this year than the pens, but, for some reason, they seem to be flying under the radar after allowing the habs to take the top seed and now that everyone's obsessed with ovechkin (who don la greca on nhl live called "the best player in hockey" today...apparently no one in the hockey media has a memory span beyond the past 6 months...).

habs in 5
pens in 5
flyers in 6
rangers in 7
wings in 6
san jose in 7 (i'm tempted to pick the flames for the upset, but i'm not going to be that brave)
wild in 7
ducks in 5