Monday, April 7, 2008

Game 82; Pens vs. Flyers

So yeah...I'm late getting this up. I blame Marcus.

Watching this game in a room where Pens fans were outnumbered by Flyers fans 3-2 means I really didn't get to pay much attention to the game/commentary. Oh well.

On Hal Gill:
Steiggy: "He's like a big aircraft carrier out there!"
Errey: "He sure is!"
(Of course, this was followed by the Pensblog shout/crediting the reference. Looks like Steiggy loves reading the blogs!)

That was all I got. I'm sure it was probably a good one for commentary though. Let me know what I missed. Again, I blame Marcus...

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Anonymous said...

The only Errey quote I can remember was him saying something about "sliding up and down the pole" when talking about Sid saying he would be a fireman if he wasn't a hockey God.