Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pens vs, Senators; Game 4

Okay...I really don't get the whole "booing other team's stars" thing. What did Crosby do to Ottawa that he gets booed every time he touches the puck? I understand Pens fans booing Derian Hatcher when he touches the puck. For a while I understood booing Jagr (which just seems ridiculous nowadays. Let it go, people). I just don't get random cities booing stars (Crosby, Ovechkin, etc) whenever they touch the puck. Especially since Crosby plays better when he gets mad/challenged. Do people really think it will throw a good player off their game? To summarize: stupid. (Of course, I'm also an advocate of never booing the home team...which not many people ever agree with me on. Will booing make them play better? No. Will cheering them on when they're struggling and needing support help them play better? A lot more likely than being negative.)

"His arms are going to fall off! It's a shooting gallery out there!"

Steiggy: "He is a man of sartorial splendor, Evgeni Malkin."

So if there was one word to describe Petr Sykora's stick, it would be _______.

"The kids in amateur have a stop sign on their back. Do they need it here for the Ottawa Senators?"

"What are you telling me? A couple detentions for Gary?"

Okay...watching the game on my DVR screwed me and I missed the last 5 minutes or so of the game as I didn't plan ahead and record whatever was on afterwards. Post anything I missed. Also, to Ryan: I missed the quotes you texted me about ("boiling an egg behind the net" and the maid comment). I'm hoping someone will post those in the comments.

So what did we learn tonight? Evgeni Malkin throws away Petr Sykora's shoes on a daily basis.


Vanessa Day said...

How about the post game comment about the blind squirrel still finding the nut? I don't remember the exact wording, but that's probably because I was laughing my ass off!

Where does he come up with this stuff?



ryan said...

so apparently all you need is a gmail account to have an ID on here? who knew?!

ok, to the best of my recollection:

-Something about how Laraque was so dominant down low with the puck that "he had enough time to boil an egg back there" (behind the net).

-after Potash showed a keep-out door knob sign with Fleury's picture on it that someone had made for him when he was at Cape Breton, Errey piped up with "You know Steiggy, the maid came into my room today...I coulda used one of those things!"

just ridiculous. my one complaint now is that it seems like the national story is more about how the sens fell apart than how the pens are playing absurdly good hockey right now. is it just me, or does it seem like the pens are flying a bit under the radar? everyone seems to be loving the Habs, Caps, and Rangers.

Jimmy Hugs said...

You know what else flies under the radar? Stealth Bombers.

piggylady said...

We also learned that Ryan Malone carries some sort of action figure around with him and poses it in his locker before games. Sweet and Superstitious at the same time

Vanessa Day said...

@ Piggylady

The action figure is of John Leclair... Ryan Malone's mentor.

I loved how it's hand was raised in victory.

Bob and Steiggy were talking about it.



Mike said...

I wish people would stop calling Errey Bibs.

Anonymous said...

how about we start calling

FILIPPO said...

maybe STUPID we can call him alot of things

filippo said...

stealth bombers DESTROY THINGS
and is what the PENS ARE GOIN TO DO 2 EVERYONE
SWEEP SWEEP and stanley cup SWEEP

filippo said...

i meant


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ryan said...

you should be making posts in the meantime dude. this layoff is killing me...especially tonight with no hockey at all.

that flyers-caps game last night was a classic. so was john arne riise's 95th minute own-goal, ha! go chelsea. at least riise will never have to walk alone.

p.s. this guy is the new Don Brennan:,0,5578896.column

what a jackass...we're still going with the crybaby tag? it's one thing from toronto's another from a new york newspaper.

oh yeah, one other fucking absurd is it that Jake Long is the highest paid offensive lineman in the NFL BEFORE HE'S EVEN DRAFTED?! that league's getting out of control.

Dane said...

I'm not an advocate of booing the home team either, Bob. I also don't get it when the other teams' fans boo Sid. I find myself yelling obscenities at the TV when I hear those boos.
And for the record, I have never booed Jagr, he did too much for this team to get booed.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

I agree with you on the booing. It's pointless with Jagr. I yelled at a bunch of people for booing Jagr, and they thought I was nuts. obviously, they know nothing about the Pens to boo him.

Vanessa: I remember that blind squirrel finding a nut! I was laughing at that! Errey was on FSN a while ago talking about the Pens when Flower and Dupuis went on. He sounded very intelligent actually. I missed his odd comments.

ryan said...

there's an interesting debate on the pens' official messageboard (as opposed to Lets Go about whether or not Jagr's number should be retired here. if you're ever going to retire any numbers besides the two currently hanging from the rafters (michel briere and, of course, le magnifique), then jagr's has to go up there, IMO. either retire 68 or stop retiring numbers (which means 87 and 71 will never hang above the rafters here either).

Anonymous said...

Hey Brian,

First off, I saw your recent NHL on the Fly after the 2nd Pittsburgh win. Did you and that moron Bob "in the kitchen" Errey decide you would bootlick Sidney the entire night or did that come naturally? You sepnt the entire segment praising this Pitts team and relegated the Rangers to oblivion. Then, at the end. Errey yells out a rooting call for the Pens. You both embarrassed yourselves and should be ashamed.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

The game is going to be on Versus on Tuesday and on FSN!! I get to hear Bibbs be ridiculous again! Yeah!!!

Caesar vs. The Bob said...

Wait...who is Brian?

Keith is confused...

Also, Ryan, re: Riise
I hate you. We will see tomorrow.