Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pens vs. The Douchebag Bryan Murray/Senators; Game 1

"Mr. Roberts in his neighborhood..."

Steiggy: "He's a native of Switzerland and the Penguins would love to make him look like Swiss cheese by the time this series is over."

J & D Waterproofing commercial featuring Bob Errey = best commercial ever. "1-800-very-dry" (Okay, fine. I'm not sure if this can beat the Steubenville commercial because it lacks the sweet, sweet music...)

"You don't want to take your head off your foot off that snake there, Steiggy."

"It says Warrior on his gloves. That's the company name, but it could also be Gary Roberts' name."

"Therefore they can't bang the players they want to bang." (okay, horribly out of context, but still hilarious...)

On Crosby's injury earlier in the season: "That's like caging up an animal! He must have been going crazy watching those games!"

Steiggy: "Right in Mr. Robert's neighborhood!"

I don't know about anyone else, but I think the Senators were tanking this game. They clearly are hoping to take this to six games so they can get back to Ottawa again...


Anonymous said...

you missed when Errey said the guy got hit "right in the squash"?

Anonymous said...

hahaha or how bout (possibly the best ever) right after Volchenkov got hurt, Errey said, "He just blocked that shot...with his face!"

btw i realize its no laughing matter that Volchenkov got injured on the play but 1) its the playoffs and 2) I remember last year, so oh well

Vanessa Day said...

Ohhhh that was such a treat to watch that game. I didn't get to see the FSN broadcast again (WTF DirecTV..."PROGRAM NOT LOCALLY AVAILABLE"#&$#*%!!!). I had to watch the announcers on VS. complaining that they were missing Alfredsson and some other guy like ever 2 minutes.

WWGRD??? Probably score a goal, or two.

I sure hope they can keep this up. That was great!!!



Timmah!! said...

At one point in the second period, Bob claimed that they would only have to Zambomni one half of the ice since all the play was in Ottawa's end!

I Have Kasparaitis said...


Hey, I have directv and saw the game on FSN. I didn't watch it on Versus because Edzo <<<<<< Errey. Hmm, that's weird.

Vanessa Day said...


I don't know what the deal was with my Directv. I was so mad that I couldn't watch it on FSN. I think it's because I live in Michigan.

I hate watching the VS. broadcast as well, I hate watching Brian Engblom (that man has THE worst hair cut I've ever seen) and it drives me up the wall that Eddie always just stares into the camera! They must have trained him a little bit, because he's slightly better than after he first got that job, but he is like a deer in the headlights most of the time.

That said, the channel did come back (in HD!) for FSN Live which was a bonus.



Russ Tundra said...

I can't wait for tonights game! I was at the game on Wednesday and unfortunately was not able to hear Steigy and Errey. But Luckily I DVR'd the game... haha

BTW Jesus wears a WWGRD? Bracelet! Loving the blog!

KJDrag1 said...

you forgot one, at the end when they were forcing Gary Robets down the walk way, he said: "and there he goes... back into his cage"

Anonymous said...

The best commercial, which isnt on now is the GCU one. Talk about the best jingle ever! I catch myself singing it periodically haha.