Friday, April 11, 2008

Pens vs. Senators; Game 2

"He overtook McAmmond like he was a midget player going against a pee-wee!"

"He almost made you eat your words, Steiggy!"

"He may be in the wrong kitchen right now."

"Bass replaced fish [...] I don't what they have next, trout?" (No idea on that first sentence...)

"It won't go back to small. It will just stay big!"

I have no idea how to transcribe Errey singing the music they play when Ottawa's ice crew comes out...let's just say it was phenomenal...

"In game one we saw Fleury give Lapointe the business!"

Steiggy: "...from Pilsner in the Czech Republic."
Errey: "Is that the beer spot?"

"That's what chemistry is...telepathy..."

I had to radio it for the third period on my way to play my own game, so post anything I missed in the comments. So instead of reading about the third period commentary, just go out and purchase the new Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album.


Vanessa Day said...

A solid gold Bob Erreyism was one he spat out during the first period. He said something to the effect of:

"The Penguins are like a young Mike Tyson and will knock you out with one punch"

That's all I can remember, but that was a great game!



The Pens Forum said...

"Neil's checking his faculty's on the bench" - Bob Errey

Anonymous said...

1st period

Steiggy: The USS Gill out there
Errey: The big aircraft carrier

Anonymous said...

he referenced Scuderi's "exploding finger" again which made me laugh. i wish i could remember the exact context.

also, might i just say...WOW. 54 shots, 43 hits, 9 goals in two games, 10 points for crosby and malkin in 2 games. incredible performance. if the rest of the league isn't going "oh shit" right now, then they must not be watching the same games i am.

the atmosphere in the arena for game one was nuts too. repeated chants of "ga-ry" and "fleur-y" to go along with "cryin bryan" and "gerber" chants. also, at one point, everyone around the ottawa runway started an "emery" chant. i'm so happy to give these assholes what they deserve. sweet, sweet revenge.


Anonymous said...

oh yeah, forgot to add this:

how about the mics picking up, plain as day, malone yelling at the referee "that was fucking interference!".

which made me think of the gordie howe quote i had just seen earlier that day: "all hockey players are bilingual. they speak english and profanity."


Sean Rogan said...


I think blog super fan Vanessa referenced South Park the movie by saying, "WWGRD??? Probably score a goal, or two."

Let's see - Pens fan, Errey fan, can quote 10 year old cartoons. If she could play hockey, she'd meet the criteria to be a Whale member. Actually, strike that, knowing how to play hockey is clearly not a requirement to play for the Whale.

Vanessa Day said...


Amazing mind reading going on with realizing I referenced the South Park movie in that one post... I thought I was the only one who thought of the Brian Boitano song whenever I heard WWGRD.

Also... you'll have to clue me in on this Whale thing... I hope playing floor hockey in gym class with safety orange plastic sticks counts.



Tony Chiatello said...

how about on the sykora one-timer. errey says during the replay, "...and everybody in the building, except malkin and sykora, knew what was happening there!" What!? The 2 that connected for a goal didn't know what was happening? You can hear it here: